Covid regulations update – August 2021

We are excited that Covid regulations are relaxing as of Monday 9th August 2021.

You are no longer required to make a booking to come into The Pot Still, we have reverted to a first come first serve basis.

Table service is also no longer required so customers are welcomed to order drinks at the bar and chat to the bar staff!

You can still book a table for one of our fantastic Private Whisky Tastings but we will no longer be accepting general drinks bookings.

Customers are still required to check in before coming into the bar so please make sure you do that. Customers are also still required to wear face coverings unless you are eating/ drinking or sitting at a table. If you are moving around the bar to enter, exit or use the bathroom please make sure you wear a face covering.

Our staff are required to continue to wear a face coverings.

Please be respectful to the new guidelines and our staff at all times we will not tolerate and abuse directed at our staff team.

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